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Anela Malulani Watson

Energy Realingnment Practitioner
DNA Activation Practitioner
Ancestral Healing Practitioner
Plant Medicine Woman
Medical Intuitive

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About Anela


My name is Lelanya “Anela” Malulani Watson. People know me as “Anela”.

In 2016 I experienced a profound spiritual awakening.  It was then that I started the journey of self-reflection and intense inner healing. While diving deep into self, I gained a profound connection to God/Source/Creator and my own "I Am Presence." My life’s purpose began to manifest and I started to re-awaken to my spiritual abilities. Over the years I learned various healing modalities and techniques through vibration, energy, sound, crystals and meditation. As I began to practice these modalities, I created a unfathomable connection to my ancestors and Star Lineage. I was taught ancient healing techniques that were being channel through me during each session I facilitated. After fully surrendering to the guidance and teachings, I created my own modality called Ho’ola Loa. 


Today, I work in both the physical and quantum fields on multidimensional platforms. I support others in activating their dormant abilities within their Twelve 5th Dimensional Crystalline Solar Strands of DNA. I do this by being a vessel of Divine Light to help clear any distortions held for eons of time in all bodies (the physical, etheric, mental and emotional, casual and spiritual) created by old thought patterns and lower vibrational emotions. As a practitioner,  it is my kuleana (responsibility) to be a vessel of Light, and do the work with the highest intent of Love.


While traveling, I began doing grid work for the earth and assisting humanity in raising our collective consciousness as I am Divinely guided and assisted by my Star Lineage and the Heavenly Realms.

Learning Modules

Ho'ola Loa Energy Healing

12 DNA Layers & Energy Centers

Image by Chloe Leis
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