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Nature Centered Growth & Development

Woven throughout the PECSS Framework for Transformation™ is our connection to Nature as a path toward reconnecting with our own True Nature. As such, NCA's Personal Growth and Development Program has been designed to cover a comprehensive spectrum of tools and modalities that will help our members clear old wounds, shift unhealthy behaviors, and realign to their highest potential.

Program Details

Personal Growth & Development Program Details:
The Transformational Journey Home to Self

Flexible, Targeted Components:

  • Once-a-year intake of members

  • Weekly on-demand video & audio guidance

  • Weekly live sessions with a Mentor Facilitator

  • Live sessions hosted in an engaging & interactive “experiental learning” format

  • Lecturing & informational components provided on-demand via the online learning portal as session pre-work

  • Access to a Community Forum for connection to those on a similar life path

Who This is For:

  • Those who are willing to witness their shadows (and those of their peers) with compassion

  • People ready to shift old habits and behaviors that no longer serve them

  • Truth Seekers

  • Folks willing to be wrong about their perceptions

  • Those looking to heal their past, release their fear of the future, and become comfortable with the present

  • Individuals on their path of spiritual awakening

  • People who may feel stuck, but desire a path forward with joy, peace, and freedom

Who This is NOT For:

  • Individuals who are not ready to take accountability for themselves

  • Folks that want to stay stuck in, and find justification for, unhealthy habits and behaviors
  • Those who want to blame others and the outside world for all of their pain and suffering

Program Details

Months 1-2

The Foundation - Nurturing Your True Nature: These sessions provide foundational learning and tools that will support the following months of the program. It includes:

- Opening Ceremony

- Shifting from the Drama Triangle to the Empowerment Dynamic

- PECSS Framework for Transformation™

- Sea Turtle Life Cycle

- Finding your Original Medicine

- Maintaining Your Sacred Temple: Grounding, Centering & Clearing Practices

Months 2-5

Physical & Emotional Realignment: These sessions will help our members release energetic, emotional blocks in the body and Physical auric layers. It includes:

- Energy Realignment through Active Pranayama

- 12 DNA Strands & The Major Energy Centers

- Basic Ho'ola Loa Energy Realignment

- Forest Bathing: Forest as Medicine

- Morning Altars

- Healing Plants

- Mind-Body Connection

Months 5-6

Emotional, Conscious & Subconscious Support Tools: This section focuses on tools that help members remap their thoughts and process emotions. It includes:

- Animals & Plants as (Subconscious) Messengers

- Thought Work of Byron Katie

- Applied Kinesiology: Muscle Testing

Months 7-8

Subconscious & Spiritual Tools: These tools focus on connecting with the subconscious and spiritual side of life. It includes:

- Ancestral & Karmic Clearing

- Connecting to Your Intuition & Divine Presence

- Closing Ceremony

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