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How to Identify a Spiritual Block

Last week, my Nature Centered Coaching students asked about how to identify whether a client is blocked or open spiritually. Given this was also a question that came up two days prior at a Breathwork Meditation Healing training in Joshua Tree, California, I am listening to the nudge to discuss this topic more broadly.

I believe that any time we feel disconnected from a higher power (in whatever form you believe in) or don't recognize our interconnection with each other as one, we are blocked in our spiritual auric layer. If we are disillusioned with paranoia instead of empowered in pronoia (that the world is conspiring on our behalf), we are spiritually blocked.

And spirtuality is not religion. While one can be religious and spiritual, it doesn't necessarily mean that someone who is spiritual is also religious.

I'll give an example. At the aforementioned breathwork training with my colleagues, we exchanged holding space for each other. In both of my breathwork sessions, a fly sacrificed its life down my throat.

To the average person, that may seem an unfortunate (and gross) experience. Because I believe in my interconnection to all life and that I am supported in every moment by a higher power, I knew the flies were an active participant in my healing. So did my breathing partner, who was holding space.

The Fly totem has a few meanings: Abundance, Imminent Changes and Lies. Because flies were intentionally flying into my throat as I was in active pranayama, I knew that they were helping me clear my throat chakra along with any old and painful stories (lies) that I've been telling myself.

My breathing partner, who watched the now second kamikaze fly and understood my connection and work with animals, asked the remaining flies in the room to help assist him in facilitating my session.

As soon as he did, a fly danced around his lips. (Across the two days, this was the first time one landed on him.) Receiving this affirmation of the connection, he then asked the fly to guide him. The fly responded with landing on my foot. He moved to my feet, grabbed my arches and grounded my energy. As soon as he did, I somatically released a whole bunch of lineage pain out of my heart and throat chakras.

To most people, that would all seem coincidental or completely unrelated. To those who have the calling to become a part of this Nature Centered Coaching community, this brings Truth-Bumps (ie: goosebumps).

By the way, Breathwork Meditation Healing is one of many modalities you'll learn as a coach-in-training at INCC.

We're now accepting applications for our Fall program. Classes begin on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 to align with the Fall Equinox energy of balance. This cohort will meet weekly at 10 a.m. Pacific / 1 p.m. Eastern (this allows for our European students to attend in their evenings).

If you have questions, I invite you to take advantage of our free 30-minute Journey Assessment or our upcoming Informational Webinar on August 10 @ 5 p.m. Pacific.

Wherever you are at in your journey, you are are unconditionally loved...and you are connected to everything. May you feel this support, love and connection. May you find peace and joy in this knowing.

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