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Welcoming the New Lunar Year of the Green Dragon

On February 10, we will move into the new lunar year of the dragon, characterized by vibrant energy and promising opportunities. Amongst dragon years, 2024 is the year of the Green Wooden Dragon, which is lush, vibrant and symbolic of growth and life. This aligns with the numerology of 2024 as an 8 – “infinite” – year of infinite possibilities and abundance through reciprocity.


Following a lunar calendar honors the flow of the Divine Feminine energy in all of us, regardless of gender identity. Divine Feminine energy is creative, fluid, nurturing, receptive, intuitive, empathetic and collaborative. All of this combines together into a recipe for a transformative and transcendent 2024 if you allow it, and believe it, to be so.


As such, I invite you to lean into these vibrations by connecting with the green life around you. If snow covers all the plants outside, maybe sit with a house plant and connect with its characteristics and personality. Admire the veins in her leaves, the bright and differing shades of green, and how she reaches toward the light. Smell the life force within her chlorophyll-filled stalks and leaves. Thank her for the oxygen she provides while offering her your exchange of breath.


If you don’t have house plants, maybe work with pure essential oils from plants that resonate with you. Young Living offers blends like Abundance, with orange, frankincense, patchouli, clove, ginger, myrrh, and black spruce, which were used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace. Or maybe try Highest Potential that combines 23 different plants into an uplifting and exotic aroma that empowers you to connect with your Divinity and realize your full potential.

Research has proven that aromatherapy activates the limbic part of your brain responsible for emotions and memories. Breathing in the pure essence of plants while visualizing the positive manifestation of your intentions helps ground the intentions in a high vibration increasing the likelihood of manifestation.


However you choose to work with plant energy, lean into what and how you feel called to work with them to support you in crossing this threshold.


The lunar new year obviously harkens in a new moon, which is also a great time to set intentions – both short term and long term. What would you like to manifest this year? How would you like to feel? What would you like to experience? What do you want to create?


As always, write these intentions either from the future perspective looking back as if they’ve already happened in the past tense…or in the present tense as if they’re happening now. (Avoid writing in the future tense, such as something “will” happen, as that puts the goal perpetually in the future.) Also put it in the positive. For example, “I feel comfortable and at ease in my body.” (Rather than, “I will not feel any more pain.”)


The more joy you can feel while inviting these manifestations in, the higher likelihood of creating them. So add in aspects that light your heart up. Maybe play music that reminds you of joyful memories while dancing and visualizing already having achieved your goals, or paint your intentions into art rather than listing words on a notepad. Find a way to make this experience fun and light.

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