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Celebrating Life, Laughter & Divine Love

Last weekend we hosted a few of our graduating students, who made the trip out to California for their bonus two-day retreat. It was a glorious few days spent building community together. My heart still feels so expansive and grateful for that precious experience! We opened with a fire ceremony on Friday night and closed with an anointment ceremony on Sunday evening. In between, a few INCC teachers facilitated workshops for the students. We laughed, we cried, and we bonded. I am beaming with pride at how well our students have integrated all they’ve learned over the past year. Saturday morning, one teacher reflected upon our opening circle. She shared, “I am so in awe of this fantastic program and super excited to be attending the retreat to celebrate those committed to love and service.” At the end of the weekend, one student said, “My heart is full of gratitude. Gratitude for the teaching over the past year, the intimate sharing, and the beautiful ranch space. This was a special course. I feel fully nourished, and the weekend was such a wonderful celebration!” Another student sent me a note late Sunday night that said, “So wonderful to be with you all! I’m trying to savor the delicious weekend you created for us!” One student recalled how nervous she was signing up for this training program because she worked a full-time job as a doctor and had just started renovating an old house. She wasn’t sure how she was going to make the time for classwork, but something told her to do it anyway. Throughout the year, she mentioned how that even though she was exhausted coming into the class from a long day of tele-health, that the live classes recharged her batteries. As we sat outside in a circle under the wisteria vines, she said, “Classes ended in April and this past month I feel the large hole it has left. This program has meant so much to me and I didn’t realize how much I needed it. How much it supported me in all I went through this past year.” This is exactly what we set out to create and provide. A space where folks can learn tools to help them navigate their own life’s twists and turns, while developing a reciprocal healing relationship with Nature…and as a result, be of service to others. When you’re on your soul’s path, the “work” feels like play…it energizes…and it fills your spirit sails with peace, joy and freedom. If this sounds like a program and a community you’d like to experience, join our upcoming Summer cohort. Classes meet weekly starting Tuesday, June 21 at 5 p.m. Pacific / 8 p.m. Eastern for eleven months. Registration ends June 7 at midnight (Pacific). Have questions? Schedule a FREE CONSULT call with yours truly! Reserve your spot now for only $333!

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