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Connecting with Nature to Reconnect with our True Nature

I love Spring energy. It feels like we're all coming out of our Winter hibernation and feeling the buzzy energy of newness and creation. Like flowers bursting forth from their sheaths, projects like my new Institute for Nature Centered Coaching are blossoming with a vibrance I am not sure I've ever felt so strongly.

Maybe it's pent up sheltering-in-place energy, and maybe it's simply because this has been brimming inside me for decades and I had no idea it was ever there until the signs became too plentiful to ignore.

I've always believed Nature is my wisest teacher and most peaceful sanctuary. Yet, because of this lifetime's experiences, I believed my purpose was to help those at the beginning of their similar journeys through what I've come out the other side on. I even attended a Transformational Speaking immersive program to get clear on this story that I would tell. And because it takes me longer than most to "get things," I had to hear from not only Gail Larsen (who runs the program) but also my peers in attendance, that I was a medicine woman. (I'm still reluctant to claim that title.)

Lightbulbs went off as I recalled my Akashic Record reading which identified my energy centers as Divine Healer, Divine Harmonizer and Divine Builder. Then remembering an astrologer and psychic friend, who just a year prior had said to me upon our first meeting, "Oh you little Healer, you!" This same friend recently gave me a full astrological chart reading, which according to the stars and planets, I am a Healer, Teacher and Communicator. She also informed me that I have a medicine woman spirit guide and another indiginous male guide to help me in these roles.

I'll be frank - that felt dauntingly big. Like super scary. A fountain of limiting beliefs sprang forth. And yet each time coming out of meditation, I had a knowing of this institute and the step right in front of me to take. On faith, I took them...and now here we are with our first cohort starting in June.

I'm nervous and excited. I'm also full of so much energy around its creation that it's self-propelling.

If you feel at all called to coaching and recognize your own deep connection to nature, consider joining us. Have questions? Send me an email or schedule some time to talk live.

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