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Ever Expanding Evolution

We may never consciously understand why certain things happen the way that they do, AND I believe that all works in our favor, always. Everything is conspiring on our behalf to move us through our ever-expanding evolution. Sometimes it takes contraction to experience expansion. This isn’t a linear (and certainly not a logical) process.


From a strictly mental, ego-level, it can appear that the world and a majority of its inhabitants are imploding. (When I use the term “ego,” it’s from the perspective of the illusion of separation and the need to protect the individual.) Scarcity, fear, and hatred seem to be running rampant along a path of destruction.


Between pandemics, wars, abuse, crimes, addiction…the list goes on…one could perceive humanity is on the cusp of a doomsday apocalypse.


Or, one could perceive this as a necessary part of our evolution and spiritual ascension.


Across wisdom traditions and religious institutions, creation and destruction are seen as both interconnected and necessary aspects of existence.


Pablo Picasso (who helped invent Cubism and collage and who revolutionized the concept of constructed sculpture) said, “Every act of creation begins with an act of destruction.” Picasso’s new techniques changed the course of art forms. The old ways must be destroyed to create on a new plane.


In nature, all creation starts with destruction of the old to build the new. Wildfires burn away the brush that would otherwise strangle new saplings, and the heat causes the perfect conditions for seeds to burst forth. Volcanic eruptions create more land and modify landscapes. The Hawaiian islands wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for volcanoes, and neither would some of the most gorgeous mountain ranges around the world. Leaves fall from trees to become the nutrients in the soil that feeds the tree. Salmon beat their bodies to actual death to make it upstream far enough to lay their eggs safely.


With those I know personally who’ve had their awakening moments, it’s come when they were either at their lowest human point that brought them to complete surrender – or through a near-death-experience where their body had to die to see and understand existence beyond the illusion of separation before coming back to a human life. To grow and expand, parts of us must die mentally, emotionally or physically.


What we’re witnessing in our external world is humanity’s awakening.


As we look to 2024, and our own personal expansion, ask yourself:

  • What aspects of my belief system (mental) or energetically stuck trauma and triggers (emotional) needs to be released, alchemized and/or transformed?

  • Is my body’s pain, illness or dis-ease metaphorically (or literally) assisting me in my spiritual awakening?

  • What old patterns and programming need to die in 2023 to make space for new, more loving and accepting habits and behaviors?

  • What must die in my life so that I may be rebirthed in perfect alignment to my life's mission?


2024 is an 8 year (2+0+2+4), or otherwise in numerology, a year of infinite (8) possibilities. If the possibilities are infinite, what do you want to create for yourself? And what needs to be destroyed to give birth to the new?


I invite you to contemplate the answers to these questions in whatever way resonates with you.


May 2024 harken a beautifully transformed world and an expansive new way of living and being.

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