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Active Evolution of INCC

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

I’ve learned that when the energy around any project or business moves from flow to force that it’s time to take a sacred pause. When our society conditions us to “do more, try harder” is exactly when it’s best to do less and allow.

The Institute for Nature Centered Coaching (INCC) is still relatively new. Seeded by Spirit, and after a full year of crafting and building, we launched to the public in March of 2021. Then less than a year into its existence, we started to get hints that our models needed to evolve to match the rapid pace at which all things are expanding. I resisted these messages at first. My subconscious programming, which was attached to this old notion that invested time and effort could be wasted, kept us stuck.

The more effort expended and attempted to control and keep things as they were, the tighter we became stuck. Like quicksand sucking us under, INCC was signaling a need for change. We had gone as far as we could with what we knew and it was time to expand. We experienced a physical manifestation of the non-physical vibrations in our environment.

Our situation called for a sacred pause. We cancelled our Winter cohort to hibernate, to go inward, and to practice intuitive listening to our soul language that emerges only when we are still and quiet.

I went to a retreat on sacred land in Hawaii with twelve other vibrant souls. With electronics and distractions tucked away, I connected in community, with nature and my I AM presence. As a healer, I often give. I went to receive fully and fill my cup.

During one of the meditation journeys, I asked my Higher Self to give me some direction regarding my path and my work (which is mainly focused on INCC). This is the wisdom she imparted:

“Why are you trying to define something that is always evolving? Labels keep you in the past and stuck. By the time you name it, you are already past it. Let go of attachment to labels and trying to contain the uncontainable.”

As I discussed this with my fellow retreat goers, they expressed a similar experience in their own healing work. That previous models are no longer as effective as they once were. That this new paradigm is calling for a shift and an evolution of our work. Things are changing rapidly as the greater collective awakens and ascends. Consciousness is expanding and so are our tools.

We are creation in action.

As this week at the sanctuary continued, more insights emerged around the old way and the new way. The old way is focused on fixing, healing and releasing blocks. The message that came through was:

“Stop trying to fix yourself. There is nothing to fix, you are perfection. You are whole as you are. You are light always. You are love divine. If you focus on blocks, you will create them. If you focus on love and allowing your light to shine, you are radiance.”

Everyone in attendance was a mirror of wisdom as they verbalized the truths that came forward about this new paradigm. Wisdom included:

“Love brings up everything unlike itself to heal.”

“We don’t need to call in our I AM presence; we can live in it at all times.”

“All land is sacred. Treat it accordingly.”

“The chakra system is no longer relevant. We have new energetic centers.”

“Our growth and light inspires; it does not cause separation but rather inspiration.”

“We are each infinite star potential.”

This is the bounty of taking a sacred pause to listen and allow. Upon my return home, I shared about my experience with some of our INCC teachers. It echoed much of the wisdom that had come forward for them during our Winter pause. When reflecting on the tools they teach, there is an evolution forming and a recognition that it will always be fluid, fresh and new. We no longer have need for rigid structures and boxes; that is the old way that is no longer relevant.

In this way, INCC is evolving the way we use the models and tools that we teach. We are dropping some classes that no longer fit in this new paradigm and adding others. Our teaching staff is changing as we bring in additional experts with new, integrated tools. The curriculum posted at any given time may (and probably will) adapt partway through the programs running. Class content may shift in real time. This is how we best serve the needs of our students and where our own evolution is at, at any given moment.

We thank you in advance for allowing this natural flow and active progression. And we look forward to growing with you as we follow the inspirational expansion spiral together.

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