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The Incredible Power of Ceremony

Last night we hosted our Closing Ceremony for the Summer 2021 cohort. Ceremonies hold great power. They connect those in attendance energetically, commemorate and celebrate transitions, and hold the opportunity to awaken our ego-self to our Spirit-self. Ceremonies can be a loving container for emotional vulnerability of participants in the circle. They are beautiful vibrations of our gifts brought forth to share.

Suffice to say, I deeply love and respect ceremonies. And yesterday’s felt extra special. For our students, it marked the end of a ten-month journey of self-discovery, remembering one’s true nature, and while they had initially intended to deepen their connection to nature, all remarked they were surprised at just how deeply that relationship rooted and expanded.

There were tears of self-acknowledgment and of laughter. We journeyed into the future with crystal singing bowls and the animal guides met us with their infinite wisdom and precious presence. We reflected on the many learnings and takeaways. Each received what they needed to.

I’m always grateful for -- and proud of -- our students, and especially so during ceremonies when I can witness them crossing the threshold into a new, empowered role as a caretaker and steward of the earth and its inhabitants. A full moon harvest of the seeds planted a mere 10 months ago. Their training may be over, but we will always be connected for the roles we’ve played in each other’s path. Oh what a delicious gift that is!

Now, like a farmer in alignment with the waning moon, we are preparing our soil for the 2022 Summer cohort’s seeds. This group of students will start their journey with the Summer Solstice for their Opening Ceremony on Tuesday, June 21 at 5 p.m. Pacific.

If you feel guided, we welcome you to apply to join us! Registration closes on Tuesday, June 7.

Have questions? Feel free to email us at or take advantage of our Free Consult!

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