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Where Awareness Goes, Energy Flows

One of my teachers, David Elliott, often says, "Where awareness goes, energy flows." Where is your attention and awareness lately?

Mine has been focused on Nature and my connection to her. As such, she's been communicating back. No exaggeration, a few weekends back I caught a hawk's feather in middair as it fell from her body. Sure, I was right place, right time. I was also fully present and taking in the morning's beauty...and spending a lot of mental bandwidth on all things nature.

As I admired the budding flowers and new leaf sprigs on my morning walk, I heard the hawk's "eep" in the tree branches above me. I know her sound well, and am always delighted to hear it.

My eyes scanned the branches to find her moving from one to the other. I noticed a large feather was loose and when she jumped branches again, it fluttered in a spiral down. I awkwardly caught it between my arms and body. What a beautiful gift!

Where has your mind been spending its time? What topics, people or projects are taking the majority of your attention?

Now, what do you want more of in your life? If the answer to the first two questions don't match the third, that's something to consider.

We are the co-creators of our experiences and reality. Why not use our imagination to bring forth what we want?

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