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Why I Created the Institute for Nature Centered Coaching

Folks have been asking me why I decided to create the Institute for Nature Centered Coaching. For as long as I can remember, Nature has been my sanctuary, teacher and source of connection to a greater power as well as my own inner wisdom. When the world doesn’t make sense to me, Nature always does. Every creature has a purpose, every plant plays its role and if left untouched, it is perfectly balanced. Animals fascinate me. They fuel my curiosity and wonderment. My mentor and Grand Master Teacher, Martha Beck, told me a few years ago that "fascination fuels the rage to master." She's absolutely right! A fire burns inside me that wants to watch, engage with and learn from animals.

The first time I experienced Equus Coaching as a client, I was mesmerized at how attuned horses are to their environment and other creatures. They read me, my emotions, physical state and thoughts, and reflected it back to me. The second time, while I certainly didn’t expect or plan to work on anything in particular, the need to deeply and somatically heal an old wound arose because I felt so safe to finally do so. Horses are such a gift that I decided to train as an Equus Coach.

As I hone my coaching skills and energy healing, I follow my fascination like a next-steps guide. I collect education and tools like a child collects sticks and rocks along a walk.

It has led me to learn about plant medicine and that I can develop a relationship with the essence of plants. I gratefully and humbly ask plants to share their essence with mine to support me in each moment’s needs. The plants’ vibrations work with my body, emotions and subconscious. It can be a beautiful partnership.

If I had to choose only one tool for healing and self-development, it would be simply connecting with Nature. And my hunch is, I’m not alone in that.

So why me?

I’ve asked myself that a whole bunch of times since Spirit planted the seed of the Institute about a year ago. And because it takes me a few times to "get it," Spirit has nudged me again and again through different people and experiences before I finally said, "Ok. I will do it."

For my astrology-lovers, I’m a triple introvert. My sun sign is Scorpio, my moon is in Cancer and my rising sign is Virgo. Putting myself out in the spotlight is uncomfortable, and yet, I’m a Healer and Teacher. I was literally born to do this work…and to do it on a bigger scale, as intimidating as that may be.

The more I learn about myself, whether it be through pulling my Akashic Records, Enneagram, Strengths Finder and Human Design, the more it has become clear that my purpose as a healer and teacher is to be of service to the greater good and to do that through bringing the unique gifts of those I know and enjoy working with together to build something bigger than myself and my own offerings.

The Institute is way more than me, my knowledge and experience. I may be the spark, but the kindling is due to the bright souls I’ve called in to help me teach. My fellow teachers are not only friends, they’re also mentors and extremely gifted in their areas of expertise. I admire them and believe in their ability to ripple out their knowledge so that the next wave of change agents can help heal our planet and its inhabitants.

I’m both nervous and excited to welcome our first group of students into our Summer 2021 cohort. I have trusted Spirit to guide me, the curriculum and building out the business. I also know that as we experience this first go-round, we’ll learn, test and adjust because we’re human having a human experience. We may need to pivot simply because we don’t know what we don’t know yet. And I’m ok with that.

I also believe this means that we’ll be more hands-on and involved as we super-serve our students.

For anyone being called to deepen their coaching practice or own personal growth and development, I invite you to join our coach training program. The lecturing and informational components are provided on-demand through an online learning portal as pre-work before attending the live classes hosted by instructors in an engaging and interactive “learning by doing” format.

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